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R. Anthony Buck holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology from the University of Oxford. His research focuses on the question of what does it mean to theologize if we follow cognitive research to see storying as a fundamental cognitive process humans use to understand, to feel, to connect, and to act, that is, could theology become more inclusive, more translatable, more persuasive, and more actionable if it used stories? Using Pierre Bourdieu's sociological analysis, he also interrogates the sociological systems which have led to the current practice of theologising and continue to shape it.


His recent appointment as a Mesa Scholar with Mesa Global involves both continuing groundbreaking interdisciplinary research, providing theological education in areas across the world, especially those places in need of highly trained and capable theological educators, and expanding access to academic resources, opportunities, and theological collaboration. 




Cognitive Science

How does the brain work? How does that effect our understanding of cognition, language, narrative, and theology? 

Master of Arts in Systematic Theology

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Magna Cum Laude, 2017

 Thesis: A Cognitive Approach to Language and Narrative

    1st Reader: Kevin J. Vanhoozer

    2nd Reader: Joel B. Green

Master of Divinity 

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School 

Cum Laude, 2015

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology

The University of Oxford

   Faculty of Theology and Religion

   Wolfson College

Thesis: Stories Theology Lives By: A Narrative and Phronetic Theology of Liberation

Supervisor:   Graham Ward

Examiners:    Mark Wynn, John Milbank

Research Areas:   Bourdieusien Sociology, Cognitive Science and Modern Theology

Narrative Theology

How can theology take the shape of or be shaped by stories? Can stories offer something to theology it lacks from other approaches? 


What conceptual schemes shape interpretation? Is there a way to do theology that is organic to humanity and sensitive to transcendence? 

Bourdieusien Sociology

Pierre Bourdieu developed the analytic triad Captials - Fields - Habitus to help researchers explore this question: How social structures and agents relate to each other?

Contextual Theology 

What questions is a culture facing and how can a theologian answer those questions in a way that said culture can understand? Can one theologize in a globally inclusive way?

Bachelors of Arts in Pastoral Studies

Moody Bible Institute

With Highest Praise, 2011

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