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Ordinand                                                                                        Sept 2021 to June 2023

     Holy Trinity Clapham and St Mellitus College, London.  

  • Trained for ordained ministry in the Church of England.

  • Preached to diverse segments of the congregation of across a spectrum of ages, socio-economic backgrounds, and ecclesial traditions.

  • Assisted in creating a church leadership development course.

  • Engaged with outreach and pastoral ministry among vulnerable members of the community, including leading an outreach offering dinner and a warm space for vulnerably housed people.

  • Started a growing bible study for Spanish speakers.

  • Collaborated effectively and creatively with a large and capable staff at one of the larger and younger churches in urban London, that was once the church of William Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect.

  • Served in both high church and low church liturgical traditions.

Pastor of the English-Speaking Congregation          Oct 2015 to Sept 2017

     Naperville Korean First Presbyterian Church—Naperville, IL, USA

  • Fostered healthy intergenerational and interethnic relationships within a predominantly Korean immigrant community as an ethnic outsider.

  • Organized, scheduled, and supervised events with staff and volunteer workers.

  • Prepared, researched in the original languages, and preached weekly talks covering biblical interpretation, Christian theology, and socio-cultural critique.

  • Counselled students dealing with sensitive welfare issues.


Pastor of Youth and University Students (Aged 12-23 yrs.)   May 2013 to Sept 2015

     Canaan Church—Buffalo Grove, IL, USA

  • Preached weekly exegetical sermons developed from the original language and optimised for a student audience and issues.

  • Coordinated and scheduled volunteers for weekly services.

  • Mentored and supported students in basic decision-making, especially concerning how their academic choices related to their future careers.

  • Cultivated a student community of mutual responsibility and inclusion.

  • Supervised student events, maintaining good order and enforcing safe conduct.


Pastor of Children and Youth (Students Aged 5-19 yrs.)     Jan 2011 to May 2013

     Lord’s Love Community Church—Buffalo Grove, IL, USA

  • Coordinated events and cooperative projects between Lord’s Love Community Church (a congregation of Korean immigrants) and a Monte de Sion (a congregation of Hispanic immigrants).

  • Authorized the use of space for various requested student activities.

  • Prescribed institutional safety policies for the students and children.

  • Taught children and students with learning disabilities passages from the Scriptures and the basics of the life of faith in God.


Pastor of Children (Students Aged 5-12)      Sept 2008 to Dec 2010

     Lord’s Love Community Church—Buffalo Grove, IL, USA

  • Trained volunteers to teach and supervise children.

  • Communicated with senior staff and parents to keep them well-informed about special events as well as regular activities.

  • Secured the premises after the cessation of weekly activities.

  • Gave age-appropriate talks using Scripture covering the basics of Christian faith and discipleship.

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